Here's How Supporting Macklemore Through Addiction Paid Off For His Mother-In-Law

Everyone has come to accept the fact that Macklemore is a pretty good guy, unless of course your white supremacists.
He’s made anthems like “Same Love” for the LGBTQ community, and he’s been a champion of civil rights with some gangsta rappers, on the song “F.D.T (Fuck Donald Trump)” with YG.
So, Macklemore just won some more “cool points” by showing major love to his mother in law.
Macklemore obviously doesn’t believe in the stereotypes about mother-in-law’s, because he paid off his wife’s mom’s mortgage, and renovated her house.
Plus, his wife’s mom was extremely supportive of him, when he went to rehab to fight drug addiction.
Take a look at the episode below.