Shaq's Rap Video Shot At Full Sail University With Rapper Bezz Believe Is Blowing Up

Boasting a platinum-selling album, four NBA Championships, fifteen All-star Game appearances and numerous box office movie roles; there is not much the legendary Shaquille O’Neal can’t do.

Seems Shaq has taken on a new position these days – “Music Mogul.”

After stumbling across Florida based recording artist Bezz Believe’s music video “Herculeez” Shaquille O’Neal knew a hit when he heard it.
Shaq immediately reached out to the artist and asked if he could put a verse on the song, which later became the official “Herculeez Remix.”

The two have been working closely ever since; rocking multiple shows together throughout the United States.
Bezz even put his basketball skills to the test. Can you believe he challenged the 7 footer to a free throw contest for $30,000!?
The rapper came out on top and being a man of his word, Shaquille coughed up the earnings.
Bezz thinks “Herculeez Remix” is projected to be one the biggest songs to hit charts in years.
The music video that was shot at Full Sail University in Orlando has already started to have a viral effect.