Be Smart: Just Liking Racist Posts Can Get You Suspended

A group of students in the Bay Area has learned that participating in online racism in any way, can have dire consequences.
Back in November of 2016, some stupid student at Albany High School only identified as “C.E.” created a private Instagram account using the handle @yungcavage.
@yungcavage was sharing racist images and pictures of violence being committed against African-Americans.
Another set of idiots thought it was proper to like the posts, which targeted specific females and professors.
Another student at Albany High took pictures of the private account using a cell phone, and the images eventually spread throughout the high school, causing fear and panic among students.
The students were immediately suspended, and “C.E.” was expelled. This sparked a lawsuit over freedom of speech.
The racist students and their supportive parents hired lawyers, claiming the school did not have the right to regulate speech that occurs off of school grounds.
While a judge recently ruled that the students were indeed covered by the First Amendment, their comments and likes qualified as “school speech,” which allowed the district to take swift action.

“Plaintiffs try to minimize the level of disruption by blaming the District for over-reacting, but it is clear that with or without the intervention of school officials, the students learned about the @yungcavage account and had very strong reactions to it while at school,” a judge presiding over the case just ruled. “That the disruption fell short of a full-scale riot is also of no moment.”

Hopefully, the racist students have learned their lesson and students at Albany High School can get back to focusing on their education.