Big Pharma Settlement Money Funds Hip-Hop Tour To Fight Addiction

Big Pharma settlement money is being used to fund a hip-hop tour to combat drug addiction.

The Recover or Die Tour is a national campaign aimed at curbing drug addiction amongst youth in the United States.

Recover or Die was created in 2017, with money from the Master Settlement Agreement between the United States government, 46 states, Washington DC and five US territories.
Some of the money also comes from a $3 billion claim the United States government won against GlaxoSmithKline, after a ruling held the company guilty of Criminal: Off-label promotion, failure to disclose safety data, paying kickbacks to physicians, making false and misleading statements.
Over the past 10 years, Big Pharma companies have forked out over $10.5 billion in settlements and a wave of lawsuits from more states is expected in 2018.
The Recover or Die tour is a six-week, 35-date outing, which is sponsored by Priority Records, Universal Music Group, and Showbiz entertainment, features a variety of artists, including Buffalo, New York-based rapper Tw1tch.
Tw1tch, who recently signed to Universal Music Group, is a recovering addict, who is featured on the Recover or Die tour.

“We’re going to be in each city about two or three days. We’re going to visit NA meetings, AA meetings, and different recovery conventions.” – Tw1tch

Finding affordable treatment was critical to his own recovery, so Tw1tch is not only out there performing and living out his dream, he is looking for other people to help.
“The last day that we’re there is to be the actual concert. It will be a benefit concert; anybody in that city that needs to go to rehab who cannot afford treatment and does not have insurance coverage, we’re actually going to send people to treatment,” Tw1tch, said
In addition to the tour, Recover or Die is currently producing content to promote anti-addiction messages around the country.