Students Around The Country Walk Out Of Class To Protest Trump's Bad Tax Bill

Students around the country walked out of their classes this week, to protest president Donald Trump’s tax plan.
Graduate students at campuses around the nation are scared of the tax package, which will result in a massive hike for them because House Republicans are seeking to tax tuition waivers.
The waivers allow graduate students to get small stipends to help in their continuing education.
However, Republicans want to label the stipends as “taxable income,” which means the students will be left with a bill at the end of the year.

The students were protesting because simply paying back student loans is already a Herculean task.
The grad students are trying to figure out why Republicans are trying to make it harder for anyone to get advanced degrees, which would greatly benefit the U.S. economy.
Over 50 colleges from around the country took part in the walkout and students are hopeful the measure will be tossed when it reaches Republican Senators.