Could Kanye West's "Ye" Album Be Causing A New Drug Epidemic?

Is Kanye West inadvertently sparking off the latest drug craze?
The rapper’s new seven-track album Ye contains a standout track (reportedly written with Drake) called “Yikes.”
On the track, Kanye raps about his use of prescription medications, but he also mentions “tweaking” off another drug – 2C-B.


“Tweakin’, tweakin’ off that 2CB, huh?/Is he gon’ make it? TBD, huh
Thought I was gon’ run, DMC, huh?/I done died and lived again on DMT, huh”

Most people are familiar with DMT thanks to documentaries on major outlets like Vice, but what in the world is 2C-B?

According to experts, 2C-B was originally used as a drug in the psychiatric community as an aid during therapy, with relatively little side effects.

“It’s strong bodily effects make a distinct from many other psychedelics often it’s viewed as a cross between typical psychedelics andentactogens.under the influence of 2cb your mind and body can seemingly fill up with sexual feelings from there the drug also enhances physical sensation and pleasure.” – The Drug Classroom

In Europe, 2C-B was sold as a recreational drug under name “Erox” because it was an aphrodisiac.
It was also sold under the name “Nexus” and remained popular as a replacement for ecstasy in the United State in the 1980’s.
Over past several years, 2C-B , which is sold for between $10-30 a tablet, has seen a resurgence in clubs around the world.
And interest in 2C-B has exploded since the release of Ye.