Here Is How Rapper 6FO Uses His Friend's Murder As Motivation

Advancing his single “Temporary” featuring Alpo, established rapper 6FO drops the visual to his song, which was filmed in London, England.
Embodying the “007” and “Bourne Identity” – like persona for his video, 6FO shows up in London ready to secure the bag for the Gruspro-produced track.
6FO has spent the past few months taking trips from Los Angeles to Atlanta, recording and pushing his brand further, after running into some issues in the streets.

“Right now I’m just pushing hard and trying to get that consistent push. I had ran into some Fed issues and now that’s all clear and out the way.” – 6FO

“I’m flying everywhere, recording in Los Angeles and Atlanta and just spreading out the story,” 6FO said. “Everything is moving at God’s speed and I’m getting a lot of people’s attention with the music.”
Part of 6FO’s motivation lies in the tragic murder of his best friend and musical collaborator E-9, whose killers were recently set free after the trial.
“I’m dealing with a few losses of friends with the drug shit, and the E-9 case is closed and there was no snitching involved and so, of course, they got off – I’m just dealing with my issues day by day,” 6FO said. “It’s all about the code you live by, that just gives me the energy to keep moving. If I were to stop I would really be taking a loss, so I’m just going to keep pushing and keep hope alive and keep it moving.”