Kim Jong-Un Is Living Larger Than Any Rapper, Even Diddy

Kim Jong-Un is probably one of the most feared man on the planet right now.
He’s tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles, and has no problem threatening the United States with a massive nuclear attack, although that may never happen thanks to his new Bromance with President Donald Trump.
The 33-year-old Superme Leader of North Korea is a huge basketball fan, and there’s a part of us that really believes he’s into hip-hop too, even though so far there’s not any proof.
Even though there are worldwide sanctions on North Korea, and half the population is starving, The Supreme Leader and his family are known for their lust for luxury goods.
North Korea imports billions of dollars in luxury goods each year, and at one point his pop Kim Jong-Il was the biggest consumer of Hennessy in the world, drinking down $800,000 worth of the hooch annually until his death in 2011.
Kim Jong-Il was even rumored to have swimming pools full of the liquor.
So how does Kim Jong-Un get billions of dollars in the face of worldwide sanctions?
Ri Jong Ho, is a North Korean defector who was in control of Office 39, which runs the regime’s money-making schemes.
Ri defected after witnessing his own uncle get blown up and executed with anti-aircraft machine guns.

“There’s a slush fund for the leader and the leadership, through trading and other activities,” Ring Jong Ho.

Even in the face of sanctions, billions of dollars worth of goods are being smuggled it to North Korea each year, simply by shipping it up the river from China in cargo ships with fake manifests, and hundreds of small fishing boats.
When Dennis Rodman visited North Korea in June, he spent seven days pretty much partying with Kim Jong-Un, who has an estimated $5 billion at his disposal.

If there’s one person whose party skills you cannot doubt, it’s definitely Dennis Rodman’s abilities to get it in.
Even if Kim Jong-Un is not a fan of hip-hop, which we seriously doubt, he definitely rolls like a rapper.

He Travels With a Huge Entourage

According to Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong-Un rolls with a huge posse at all times.
Rodman said Kim has at least 60 people around him at any given moment, simply to enjoy themselves and make The Supreme Leader feel good.

“He’s got 50 to 60 people around him all the time – just normal people, drinking cocktails and laughing the whole time.” – Dennis Rodman

He Has His Own Island which hosts “7 Star Parties”

According to Dennis, Kim Jong-Un has his own island where he hosts “7 star parties.” He says it’s just like Ibiza, except that the island is stocked with the finest wine and liquors.

“If you drink a bottle of tequila, it’s the best tequila. Everything you want, he has the best.” – Dennis Rodman

Private Jet

Kim Jong-Un raise a few eyebrows, after KCNA, the official state run news agency, posted photos of him in a brand spanking new, private luxury jet. he was pictured signing some sort of important legislation into action on a glossy oak desk inside of the jet.

“Instead of 200 passengers it carries just the autocrat and his trusted aides in a style compared in scale to the U.S. Presidential jet Air Force One.” – The Daily Mail

He Has His Own Fleet of Mercedes-Benz’ and His Own Yacht

Kim Jong-Un takes time away from building nuclear war heads, torturing his own population, killing military members and threatening the rest of the world, by rolling around on a huge yacht. It’s not just any old yacht. This baby was built by LMVH, the company that produces Louis Vuitton and of course, Hennessy!