The Top Lil Rappers Are Making Big Impact On Spotify But Its The Unknowns You Want To Hear

One of the cooler things about Spotify is the platform’s ability to harness its data, and the company’s willingness to share with the public.
Statisticians with Spotify poured over their data and found that over 8,000 “Lil” artists on Spotify.
In truth though, there is nothing “little” about these artists or their massive output over the past two years.
The “Lil” rappers are raking up hits: so far this year, they account for 33 of the top thousand songs on Spotify.
That is a 106% increase over the same time span in 2017 and a 725% increase from 2016.
Take some time to thank your favorite Lil rapper, whether it’s the obscure Lil Cheeze-It or a well-known one like Lil Uzi.
And here are five songs from the more obscure Lil rappers for your listening enjoyment.

Lil Cheeze-It

This song is pretty unbelievable. This track features Yung Frown and Jay, rapping about nothing but “Skrt.” This song is filled with weird adlibs and rap lines, but the beat is kind of catchy and there are some gunshots to round out the weirdness of this entire song, even though it contains zero lyrics.

Lil Phag

Lil Phag has been gaining a buzz lately, and after hearing this it’s not hard to understand. It’s hard to relate to the lyrics and the chorus: “Lil Phag just f##ked your dad, I got all you b##ches mad cause Lil Phag just f##ked your dad.”

Lil Toe Nail

On this banger, Lil Toe Nail is super pissed off that his girlfriend won’t suck his balls. Not only that, but the chick makes Lil Toe Nail mad that she refuses to have anal sex with him. The chorus on this song is pretty classic: “What the f##k do you mean you don’t wanna suck my nutz? B##ch I don’t give a f##k, I’m trying to bust a nut.”

Lil Happy Lil Sad

Lil Happy Lil Sad is really down on this dreary mumble rap song. Even doing drugs cannot bring Lil Happy Lil Sad out of his depressing funk on “Let Me Die.” In the end, he says he’s so tired of this life, which makes one believe Lil Happy Lil Sad could be suicidal.

Lil House Phone

On this song, Lil House Phone is coming for your pokemon cards, while pistol whipping everyone in site on “Trappin off The House Phone.” The rapper has no cell phone, so he must trap from the phone in his house.