Common Will Not Rest Until Kids Are Released From Trump's "Cages

We Stand United recently released a new video featuring Mark Ruffalo and Common about the ongoing humanitarian crisis of family separation and abuses at the border.
Earlier this week, The Trump Administration failed to meet a court order to reunify families they separated at the border by July 26.
Many families have not been brought back together. Children are still being kept in cages and abuses continue.
The short video features distraught parents and children at the U.S. border, humanitarian workers describing the conditions they are facing, and also includes moving footage of a mother being reunited with her child.

“Families are still being kept apart, and children are still in cages. We need to help these families. We will not rest until all the children are out of cages and back in their parents’ arms.” – Oscar and Grammy Award winning musician and actor Common

Award-winning actor, director, and advocate Mark Ruffalo says in the video, “We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis here on U.S. soil. The Trump Administration has failed to comply with the court order to reunify all the families that have been separated at the U.S. border.”
Andra Day’s Grammy-nominated song “Rise Up” which she offered in support of the video, is also featured.
The video asks viewers to donate to Families Belong Together ( to help reunite families, including transportation costs.
Many parents are being forced to pay to get their kids back, sometimes thousands of dollars, and many of them came here with nothing but the clothes on their backs.