Former Rapper AD The Voice Gets Into Politics And Slays The Competition

Could a former rapper be the next candidate to upset politics in New York City?
The question will be answered on November 6, when citizens of the Bronx who will head to the polls to elect a new Congressman.
Antonio Delgado, who used to rap under the name AD The Voice, is running one of the candidates for office to represent Hudson in Catskill Counties amongst others, in upstate New York.
In addition to his former life as a hard-core rapper, Antonio Delgado has some serious credentials.
According to his campaign website, Antonio Delgado is a Rhodes Scholar and holds degrees from Harvard Law and Colgate.
He hopes to add Congressman to his resume.

“It feels like our country is moving backward. Hardworking families across the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Capital region are being left behind as Washington Republicans like John Faso vote to take away health care and give tax breaks to the super rich on the backs of working people.” – Antonio Delgado

Although Delgado’s platform is much more conservative now, when he was a rapper known as AD The Voice he was pretty militant.
One listen to songs like “Draped In Flags” and “Life Is Hard” showcase the candidates hardcore side.

If Antonio Delgado is a successful, he could repeat the amazing victory obtained by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, when she shocked the incumbent candidate Rep. Joseph Crowley in New York’s Democratic primary to represent the parts of the Bronx and other districts in New York City.
While he is on the campaign trail, Antonio Delgado is downplaying his former career as a rapper.
But the past is not so easily erased thanks to the Internet.
Either way, things are looking great for AD The Voice. He trounced the competition in the primaries pulling in 21% of the votes, with the closest competitor landing just 5%.
Take a listen to some of AD The Voice’s tracks below.