This Is How Belly Is Helping To Keep Immigrant Families Together At The Border

Rapper Belly maybe Canadian, but he sure isn’t feeling America’s immigration policies.
Belly was born and raised in the Middle East and an immigrant to both Canada and the United States.
So, he was outraged when he learned of President Trump’s policies to separate families and children at the U.S. Mexico border.
Inspired by the hundreds of “Families Belong Together* protests which occurred on Saturday (June 30) across the nation, Belly took to action, creating this simple statement t-shirt.

 “As an immigrant myself I feel as though immigration is a topic that needs my support and yours as well with so much happening.” – Belly

Belly’s team was also on the ground, where they handed out over 200 shirts to the New York protestors during the End Family Separation Rally & March at Foley Square.
Belly will be donating 100% of the profits (a minimum of a $7 per tee), of the special edition “IMMIGRANT” shirt to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in its pursuit to protect the civil rights and liberties of immigrants through litigation, lobbying and advocacy.
A portion of the proceeds will also benefit the International Rescue Committee (IRC), who supports vulnerable children and refugee families around the world.

“It’s our job as public figures and more importantly as humans to bring attention to these causes. With your help we can create a platform and bring awareness to help immigrants thrive and know they can succeed too.” – Belly

Belly is currently working on a new album and is embarking on an international festival tour, kicking off at Fraudenfeld Festival in Germany and stopping at world-renowned Wireless and Reading & Leeds in the UK.