This Is How To Break Your Addiction To Donald Trump

If you are sick of seeing President Donald Trump on the television, you are not alone.
President Trump has scored well over $5 billion dollars worth of free media coverage thanks to his far-right politics, and his ideologies would seem to have no bottom.
For the past 72 hours, President Trump has once again dominated the headlines thanks to Kanye West.
The rapper delivered one of his fiery rants on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend and doubled down on his unwavering support for President Trump and his Make America Great Again movement.
President Donald Trump caught wind of the performance and Kanye’s loyalty and tweeted in support of the Chicago producer.

Once again, both men managed to score hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free coverage they otherwise would not be receiving if not for their controversial opinions and lauded positions.
To make matters worse, networks like Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are completely obsessed with anything the president does like nothing else is happening in the world.
In fact, during one long stretch in 2017, CNN’s coverage was 92% focused on Donald Trump.

“That’s the catch about Trump drama: We want more. We can’t stay away from it, and it’s become a compulsion.” – Donna Lipman.

Donna Lipman is a Ford Institute executive, master integrative coach, presentation skills trainer, and co-author of the new book “Beyond Resistance: Coping with the Stress of the Trump Era – An Essential Guide,” with Kathy Hertz.
“Even when our compulsion leaves us feeling overwhelmed, fearful, angry, and depressed thinking about the direction in which our country is headed, we still continue the behavior,” said Donna Lipman.
What we do to break our Trump addiction and support our personal wellness?
Here are three tips from Lipman, to help you get past this constant bombardment of information on President Donald Trump.

Relieve Your Stress

Evaluate the quantity and content of your news and the underlying reasons for your choices. Check in with yourself and notice where you might need to practice more self-care. Make adjustments that will create a more balanced approach.

Reclaim Your Power

Read a book about one of our founding fathers. Maybe even read the Constitution. Broaden your knowledge to include more than just the latest Trump scandal. Put your focus on what you stand for as opposed to what you are fighting against.

Remain Engaged

After cutting some of your news consumption, use that extra time to support a candidate in the upcoming elections. And most importantly, VOTE!”