Carita Cole Refuses To Take A Backseat In The Music Industry

Carita Cole is a multi talented singer, rapper and songwriter with a powerful message.
Simmering multitalented rapper, singer, and songwriter Carita Cole, emerges on the scene with a fire new single “Backseat.”
A forceful but powerful message of not taking no for an answer, and not taking the backseat to anyone within the music industry.
With production from Scott Supreme, Carita’s goal to create music with a message and to always be better than the last.
The Memphis, Tennessee native began her love for music at a young age.

Carita first began singing, playing the piano at age seven, and worked her way up to playing the trumpet by age eleven.
After discovering her passion for music, Carita decided to create a career in music.
Now that she has six years in the game, Carita writes and self-produces some of her own music.
Carita’s authentic vibe and positive message through her music allows her fans to make connections with her through their own experiences.

One thing being from Memphis has taught Carita is her go-getter attitude.
Challenges that she’s overcome has fueled her to never give up.
Carita is currently working on another project, has plans on releasing an official music video for “Backseat” in the future.