Podcasts To Listen To: Career Cloud Radio And The Best Job Search Podcasts

January and February are considered to be some of the best months for job hunting. Starting the job-hunt process now can give you a head start when companies are looking to hire.

Career Cloud Radio

One of the original job-hunting podcasts, Career Cloud Radio helps job seekers with the fundamentals of the search. Host Chris Russell covers topics such as what to put in your resume to how to answer interview questions to how to negotiate your salary. Each episode also features resume writers, career coaches, recruiters and job seekers. Recent episodes include: “Scott Anthony Barlow: Design Career Experiments,” “Hatem Hanoun: The ‘No Experience’ Abyss” and “Purposeful Clashing: Resolve Dissonance in Job Interviews.”
Find it: https://apple.co/2TcJNbA

Career Relaunch

For those looking to change careers, host Joseph Liu helps listeners navigate the ups and downs of career transitions. Liu interviews people who have gone through the process of changing careers, to provide advice, companionship and clarity. Recent episodes include: “Building Your Confidence with Heather Monahan,” “Handling Career Turbulence with J.B. Adkins” and “Being True to Yourself with Chris Donovan.”
Find it: https://careerrelaunch.net/

The Voice of Job Seekers

Career consultant Mark Anthony Dyson helps the unemployed, underemployed and under appreciated to learn the best ways to seek a new job. Dyson interviews the “voices” of how to find the best fit and how to prepare for a successful job search. Recent episodes include: “You’ll Need These Linkedin Strategies for Job Search Readiness with Marc Miller,” “Job Search Wisdom from Career Advice Writers” and “Today’s Millennials and Their Take of Careers with Hilary Sutton.”
Find it: https://thevoiceofjobseekers.com/voice-job-seekers-podcast/

Find Your Dream Job

Host Mac Prichard provides tips for finding work, advancing your career and ultimately loving your job. Each episode features the latest job-search strategies, insider secrets and how to develop a purposeful career. Prichard interviews expert guests who provide actionable advice for those looking for their first job or professionals looking for a change. Recent episodes include: “How to Clinch a Job Offer with Jan Melnik,” “Setting Clear Career Goals with Becca McCulloch” and “How to Customize Your Resume (Without Making Yourself Crazy) with Louise Kursmark.”
Find it: https://apple.co/2Fpbc7r

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