Rapper King Nyne Links With A High School Student To Raise Awareness Against Bullying and Teen Suicide

King Nyne, a local multi-award winning Hip-Hop artist, has launched his new single and empowering music video “Living Inside the Rain” in hopes of raising awareness against teen suicide and the dangers of bullying.
George H. Lee, a 16-year-old Florida high school student and founder of S.T.O.P. (Students Together Opposing Persecution), has spent spring and summer of 2018 coordinating and advocating local fellow high school teens to participate in this empowering video.
Lee plays the main bully role in the music video, a role he says it was a challenge to play since he himself has been a victim of bullying.

“I found it difficult to play the role of someone who has so much hatred towards another person. I don’t understand how anyone could try to hurt someone and ruin their life. Who does this?” – student George H. Lee.

“With every problem that presents itself in life, there are one million different ways for it to be resolved…violence isn’t one of them,” George H. Lee explained.
All teens, teachers and school administrators that participated in the music video are real high school students and school staff, not actors. It was a project, motivated by Lee, performed by real people coming together for a cause.
Sharing this powerful message through the use of this inspirational music video, student George Lee and King Nyne have partnered up for 2019 as they tour schools and speak out against student violence and teen suicide.