NFL Star Vernon Davis Breaks Down Sustainable Investing And His New Revenue "Stream"

The first of its kind hybrid has hit the beverage industry.
PATHWATER has combined a reusable bottle with purified reverse osmosis water.
Visionary, Vernon Davis, sees this sustainability model as the future for bottled water.
After years of witnessing single-use plastics plague the NFL, Davis is taking a stand to educate his fellow teammates on a better path for the league.

“We (athletes) have a huge responsibility. We are looked at as leaders in our community and within our fan base. If we can use that influence to encourage our fans to make greener choices we can be the catalyst for great change.” Vernon Davis.

As the current tight end for the Washington Redskins, Davis has joined yet another winning team, PATHWATER.
After meeting the founders, Vernon quickly aligned with the mission and became part of a growing movement of sustainable investing.
“I think they (single-use plastic water bottles) are a tremendous waste,” said Davis. “After meeting with PATHWATER and learning more about how the tremendous amounts of plastic we dispose of daily destroy our oceans, it upset me.”
Davis has charged forward with the purpose to end single-use plastic waste on football fields and school campuses across the U.S. Visiting schools and speaking at rallies, Davis is using his influence to educate youth about the harms of single-use plastic water bottles and the solution, a movement for reusability.
In a recent visit to Sequoia High School, he encouraged students to BAN single-use plastic water bottles at their campus by signing this petition.
PATHWATER and Davis believe it’s important for youth to know what single-use plastic is made of and how destructive it has become to ocean life and human health.
Davis, a father of three, said, “You know when you become a parent, you start thinking about the next 100 years rather than the next 40 or 50, which makes up your estimated lifespan. You think about the future of your kids and their kids. It gives me an even greater sense of responsibility to do what I can to leave this earth better than it was when I was born.”
PATHWATER a new hybrid, combining the best in purified water with a BPA-free, infinitely reusable bottle.
The PATHWATER bottle is solving the dilemma of single-use plastic bottles by creating a superior option that is environmentally friendly.
When taken from the refrigerator section, the bottle makes for an extremely cold drinking experience, unmatched by plastic water bottles.
PATHWATER is on a dedicated mission to provide solutions to the plastics crisis for bottled water consumers and to disrupt the beverage industry as a whole.
Here are PATHWATER’S three main goals:
To provide a sustainable option to reduce and reuse
To educate others about the plastics crisis
Change a stagnant, polluting industry of single-use plastics.
PATHWATER is the first in the beverage industry to offer reusable packaging bottled water that finally puts people and the planet before profits.
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