Check Out This List Of NCAA Basketball Stars Who Also Moonlight As Rappers

In celebration NCAA March Madness, we wanted to share some college basketball stars, past and present, who are also on SoundCloud as creators.
From Marvin Bagley, former Duke player who’s now in the NBA on the Sacramento Kings, to Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez who will soon be in the WNBA, these men and women are making waves on and off the court.
As the world’s largest open audio platform, SoundCloud empowers creators with the tools to build and grow their careers.

Marvin Bagley

Creator Handle on SoundCloud: MB3FIVE. His first track on Soundcloud was titled “Breathe” and the song received a warm reception from fans and critics alike.

Toree Thompson/ToreeT

TCU’s own Toree Thompson has played on the courts since she was just five. As her basketball career progressed, she has set her sights on also pursuing music. She began to build her SoundCloud profile in the last year, collabing on “I Be Ballin” with CO2DaGreat, Ambitious RJ and Shawni Rad and dropping her own single “Woke Up.”


Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez/IIGonz

There’s really nothing The Gonzalez Twins can’t do – from becoming internet sensations and dominating the basketball court at UNLV, to kicking off a music career. They’ve racked up over 11K followers on SoundCloud to date and. now, have their sights set on the WNBA!

Will Sheridan/Will G.I.A.N.T Sheridan

The Former Villanova forward has been dropping tracks on SoundCloud since 2013. Sheridan has also been an pioneer for the queer hip hop community, and shared words of wisdom in an interview with Wussy: “I would say if someone was just coming up, and their dream is to be a queer rapper and tour the world; make your music for you. Perform it with all your heart. And someone will start fuckin’ liking that shit.”

Kyle Myricks/Stalley
In the early part of his career in Ohio, Myricks played alongside the one-and-only LeBron James in high school. He then went on to nab a scholarship to play basketball at the University Of Michigan and Long Island University but was forced to give up after a series of injuries as his career on SoundCloud has gone nowhere but up.