Joshua Adams Takes The "What If" Out Of Students' Dreams And Goals

The What IF Foundation is pleased to announce Joshua Adams as the newest addition to their Board of Directors.
The non-profit, founded in 2016, is designed to equip young student-athletes with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to become the best version of themselves, on and off the court.
This is accomplished through public clinics and highly personalized, all-around development programs for select players.
“We are extremely excited to have Josh on the board,” stated founder Brian Brown. “He brings a unique level of experience having played as an All-American at the University of Wyoming, as a professional basketball player on multiple continents, and most recently representing Team USA in the World Cup Qualifying Team. He brings that ‘underdog’ mentality to our organization because in each stage of his basketball career, he has gone on to compete at levels he was never ‘supposed to.’ He turns adversity into fuel, and that’s a characteristic for our younger players to learn from and model. We believe that his hunger and work ethic to be the best will carry over and contribute to taking our organization to the next level.”

“I am most excited to simply give back,” said Adams. “We can help people who may not have the support system or the funds that others have.” – Joshua Adams

“I have been in the shoes of some the kids we are trying to help, so I not only can I relate, but I can also provide answers. Meaning, I learned things in college and even in the pros both on and off the hardwood that I could have learned at a much younger age. ‘What IF’ I had access to the people at age 14, that I have access to now? That’s the kind of knowledge we can pass on.”
Josh previously played a role for the What IF Foundation with scouting, consulting, and player development. He will now play a larger role in the events, decision making, and direction of the non-profit.
“There is so much that needs to be changed in youth and high school basketball these days. Too much of it is about hype on social media. In addition, kids don’t need to be practicing Kobe Bryant fade-aways or Steph Curry 3’s. They need to start with the fundamentals and focus on becoming the best version of themselves when no one is watching. That’s the foundation they need to be building upon.”
“We have a talented board of directors, each of whom bring different experiences and perspectives to the organization,” Brown added. “It’s great to now have an active pro player like Josh who is making it a priority to pass along his wealth of knowledge to younger generations.”
Adams concluded: “Everything I have accumulated isn’t as important if I don’t share it with those who come after me. I want to be a positive light helping others.”