Rap Legend Kurtis Blow Returns To The Hip-Hop Church To Save Souls

Greater Hood Church announces the relaunch of Hip-Hop Church, for those who love God.
Hip-Hop Church will feature music reflecting the culture for those who want a worship service with a more contemporary flow.
Returning for the relaunch will be acclaimed Hip-Hop artist, Rev. Kurtis “Blow” Walker, one of the original founders of Hip-Hop Church. Rev. Kurtis proved that Hip-Hop Church can effectively deliver the message of Jesus to urban youth.

Rev. Kurtis Walker, b.k.a. Kurtis Blow, was the first commercially successful rapper and topped the charts with “The Breaks.”
Rev. Kurtis is now an ordained minister and Christian rapper. He uses his ability to create and deliver smooth rap lyrics to relate Jesus to the Hip-Hop audience.
Rev. Kurtis knows that people want the message of Jesus Christ delivered in a manner that is culturally relevant to their lives. While some churches are not seeing as many visitors, Kurtis says, “Hip-Hop Church will pack the house.”
Hip-Hop Church will deliver the same soul-saving, peace giving message of the loving Jesus Christ. Artists, known as ministers of music will deliver syncopated rhythmic rap lyrics to tell the world about Jesus.

“The message of Jesus loving His people is the same, but the method of delivering that message will be different.” – Rev. Julius Walls, Jr., Pastor, Greater Hood Church.

In Hip-Hop Church, there is more energy and movement utilizing rapped lyrics, stronger bass lines in the music, all while talking about the love of God and highlighting the societal challenges of a group that has felt marginalized by the traditional church.
Hip-Hop Church is modern Black Liberation theology in a hip-hop music package that speaks to many who have been told to simply accept the way church is currently being offered. It will be the same message, but different method.
Hip-Hop Church will feature artists such Tykym Stallings a.k.a. Malakai and Lamar Haney, a.k.a. Noah Da Governor.
The traditional Sunday morning church experience does not meet everyone’s needs, hence the creation of Hip-Hop Church, where anyone can meet Jesus.
The grand reopening of Hip-Hop Church took place last weekend at Greater Hood Church, which is located at 160 West 146th Street, in Harlem, New York.