Nipsey Hussle’s Death Inspires Deniro Farrar To Take On Gun Violence

With the untimely demise of Hip-Hop legend and activist Nipsey Hussle this subject is one that sadly touches too many people in this world. Deniro Farrar has been a voice of the streets for as long as he’s been rapping and he continues to pour out his pain in the music.
His raspy dark delivery is complemented by JxHines angelic vocals on the hook, “you can see the pain in my eyes, I done seen way too many homicides” tells you all you need to know about the street life not only in Charlotte, North Carolina but around the world.
Shot by Kosmic Shots and directed by Deniro Farrar, the two creatives paint an all too vivid picture with this black and white cinematic video.

“It wasn’t hard to do the acting in this video because I have actually been through this before, all I had to do is tap into that moment again and the emotions came out raw on camera”. – Deniro Farrar

Countering these emotions, Deniro makes a point to uplift his community and followers on social media with encouraging them to eat healthy sustainable foods and keep their mind sharp by reading books and coming together to make a positive change in their communities.