90's Rapper Kid Flash Is Running For President

History is being made with the launch of America’s first Presidential Candidate who is a Mediator focused on resolving the conflicts plaguing our country.
Over the years, Sean Collinson’s career evolved into the legal field capitalizing on his communication abilities by becoming a Harvard and Loyola trained mediator earning a national reputation for achieving settlements.
He has transformed the face of civil and family mediation by working with emotionally charged litigants during his televised appearances on Dr. Phil and other national media programming.
Collinson’s goal is to build bridges across party lines to ensure every American is fully aware of our Constitutionally granted rights, and that all levels of government are working to ensure that those rights are protected and enforced, just as our Founding Fathers envisioned.
Collinson also has profound beginnings in the music industry; formerly known as Kid Flash, he was one of the innovative artists of the 90s that has influenced hip-hop’s mainstream presence today.
Collinson’s innovative style and professional expertise make him uniquely qualified to unite a polarized country in need of collective healing. America needs a statesman who can mediate corrosive divisions and pave the way for a brighter future.
Collinson’s deep-seated convictions regarding equality and human rights fuel his platform. As an Independent candidate, he believes in country over party and seeks policies that will enrich the U.S. as a whole.
Among his many positions, he believes in equal pay for equal work, prison reform, affordable access to education, and that all Americans—regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sex, gender, sexuality or economic class—should have their inalienable rights respected.

“Divisive leaders and fundamental flaws in the justice system wreak havoc on American lives. They erode the people’s faith and trust in our Government and the fabric of our communities. Let’s stop attacking one another and start building bridges. A brighter future is possible. With love, persistence, and determination, we CAN create A NEW U.S.” Sean Collinson

Collinson’s campaign will be introduced in California, with stops later this month in New York, Iowa, and Kentucky.
For the latest news, platform information, or to get involved with “Building Bridges,” visit http://www.collinson2020.com.
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Presidential Candidate Sean Collinson “Why I’m Running” from Sean Collinson on Vimeo.