Get Some "True Knowledge" With This New Podcast

Sans school debt and boring lectures, a new podcast throws its collegiate hat into the ring.
Standing at the ready to put a new spin on insight, the True Knowledge Podcast is all about things listeners actually want to learn about.
Going straight to the source, the podcast gives college professors and experts a way to share the wealth about they’ve learned.
Launched to be a truth signal in the noise, the podcast gives expert knowledge from professors from every college major.
In true form, the podcast starts off right with the questioning of conspiracy theories to get to the core of solid evidence regarding the validity of aliens.

Rhetoric or conspiracy theory? It turns out it’s that compelling 5% of the evidence that could sway the answer; an answer now found on the latest episode on True Knowledge podcast.
Atticus Li, the producer of the True Knowledge Podcast, said of the launch, “We live in the age of misinformation. Fake news and fake experts waste our time, and it takes great effort to filter out their noise. This podcast helps listeners to discover the truth, something that seems to be in increasingly short supply.”
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