“404 Day” Launches Scholarships to Benefit Atlanta Students

Earlier this month, Metro Atlanta Chamber brand ChooseATL, Atlanta Influences Everything, and Butter.ATL partnered with the Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUCC) to launch their 404 Day Scholarships. 

Their goal was to provide students with the financial support they needed to help them realize their dream of graduating by adding $20,000 to AUCC funds while helping them gain entry into the city’s candidate market. 

To commemorate the event, ChooseATL also created the “I Choose Culture” limited edition letterman jacket, where its proceeds also contributed to the scholarship program. While we have all felt the effects of the pandemic in recent years, students of color, in particular, have been walloped. 

Around 56% of Black and Latin college students have reported that their opportunity to stay in college has only worsened during these trying times. 

The 404 Day Scholarship was created to help college students reduce their financial burden and increase candidate availability in Atlanta. Scholarship contributions have been provided by partners including the Atlanta Hawks, Papa Johns, Discover Atlanta, and the Athlete’s Foot. 

With over 9,000 students in the AUCC, it is the biggest and oldest association dedicated to private African American institutions and is a significant producer of the city’s best talents.

“Our commitment to being ‘True To Atlanta’ includes the growth of our diverse talent pool. The AUCC has contributed so much to the city and continues to be recognized nationally for continuing to produce some of world’s greatest minds. Participating in moments that showcase Atlanta’s culture and community aligns with our organization’s goal of being a civic asset first and foremost.” – Melissa Proctor, Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks.

The 404 Day partner continued, “Student graduation trajectories have shifted due to COVID-19; reports show that 11% have withdrawn from classes due to the pandemic. 404 Day offers a moment in time to bring purpose to our celebration and demonstrate the community-driven approach which strengthens our growth in metro Atlanta.” 

404 Day occurs every year on April 4th to honor the metro’s influence on local culture, art, sports, music, and the region’s area code. Brands from Atlanta culture, including Atlanta Influences Everything, Butter.ATL and ChooseATL work as partners to bring a purpose-driven and culture-rich celebration. 

Last week, Atlanta’s Mayor, Andre Dickens, made a generous donation by providing the AUCC executive director with a check for the 404 Day Scholarships.

This year’s theme was “party with a purpose,” inspired by the city of Atlanta, and featured various live DJs and many other activities. 

At the same time, the celebration served to remind its guests about the real reason behind it. Through 404 Day, AUCC will be able to provide more students with the help they need to finish their studies and have a chance at employment.