Rap Star Jack Harlow Opens Up New Balance’s New World-Class Multi-Sport Facility

Leading sports brand New Balance recently opened its own world-class facility in Boston. The facility will be used by New Balance’s teams, professionals, and community athletes to train and even compete all throughout the year. 

Named “The TRACK,” New Balance’s multi-sports facility sits across from the brand’s Boston headquarters. The TRACK’s grand opening was attended by track stars, top athletes, and other celebrities, with an exceptional performance from rap icon Jack Harlow.

It will join other sports destinations in the area, such as Boston Celtics’ Warrior Ice Arena, the Auerbach Center, and the Boston Landing MBTA commuter rail stop.

New Balance managed to transform a brownfield site into a fully functioning, world-class multi-sports facility. The company even ensured that the TRACK was built with sustainability in mind. Hence, it earned a LEED Silver certification with its roof of 2,491,405-watt solar arrays. 

New Balance President and CEO Joe Preston shared; “The TRACK at New Balance offers the optimal training and performance venue for athletes of all abilities while driving New Balance innovation and technology insights through our new state-of-the-art New Balance Sports Research Lab.”

World-Class Facilities

The TRACK houses numerous sports facilities, most notably the dual terrain indoor track. This indoor track can be converted into a field and a flexible court for volleyball, basketball, and soccer. 

Other sports facilities include the Sports Research lab, the Roadrunner music venue, and a Beer Hall named Broken Records. Visitors can see all the action within The TRACK through the Broken Records beer hall.

As mentioned, The TRACK is also a sustainable sports facility with its solar array modules covering as much as 72,596 square feet of area. Moreover, its indoor track is built with hydraulically banked turns and a capacity for six 42-inches wide oval lanes. 

This large capacity for indoor track oval lanes was specifically for making the experience for athlete runners as smooth as possible. Athletes can maximize their acceleration and smoothly transition from turns and straights on the track.

Sports Research Lab

The New Balance Sports Research Lab is home to the brand’s sports scientists that work toward innovation. It is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, such as:

  • 360-degree motion capture
  • Force plates for foot depression measurements
  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • High-tech imaging equipment

All this equipment is spread out over 19,000 square feet of an area dedicated only to the Sports Research Lab of The TRACK.


Finally, the Roadrunner, a 50,000 square-foot concert venue, is nestled below The Track. This concert venue is operated by the Bowery Group. It is poised to become the largest event center in New England. 

Furthermore, the Roadrunner features over 30 speakers inside, six bars on all sides, and a 60-foot wide stage for performers.

This venue provides great views of the stage no matter where you’re situated inside.

A Symbol of Innovation

With its sophisticated sports lab, world-class sports facilities, and a top-of-the-line events center, The TRACK at New Balance symbolizes the brand’s position as the leader of innovation in the sports industry. 

All these technologies will enable New Balance to craft better products and equipment for athletes worldwide.