Big3 League Is Blowing Up, And Now You Can Own a Piece of the Action

Big3 is a 3v3 basketball league innovation! Back in 2017, music legend, producer, and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz founded the Big3 basketball league. 

With its line of All-Stars, Hall of Famers, and world champions in its basketball league, it sure rose to fame quickly. It gives basketball fans extremely competitive, fast-paced games to enjoy. In 2019, the league expanded to 12 teams playing in over 18 cities, giving fans even more action. 

And in 2020, the Big3 started adding its own set of rules called Fireball3 and allowed the basketball league to spice things up.

It doesn’t end there, though. One of the most significant developments is the Big3 League entering the NFT world — and now, you can own a piece of your favorite team!

BIG3 Joining the NFT world

NFTs have truly taken the world by storm — they’re everywhere now, and the numbers reflect this. It’s expected to grow into a market that’s worth over $100 billion in the next five years or so. Given this, big companies and manufacturers are looking to dive right in, along with people you might not expect. 

Big3 joins in on the fun by being the first professional sports league to launch their NFT collection for their fans to purchase. Using blockchain technology, Big3 gives their fans a chance to have “ownership-like value” in their 12 teams.

Ice Cube, Big3’s co-founder, prides himself on it being the first of its kind. “It’s 21st-century team ownership,” he says. 

Big3 is giving its fans a unique ownership experience by choosing from a two-tier option for purchase. Fans have 12,000 editions they can choose from. Each team accounts for 1,000 editions having 975 Gold NFT’s priced at $5,000 each and only 25 Fire NFT’s priced at $25,000 each. 

Unlike most NFTs, the Big3 NFT offers more than just a collectible — it’s a unique experience. It combines season tickets, involvement in the team, player and coach meet-ups, signed memorabilia, and other VIP member perks that diehard fans are sure to enjoy. 

BIG3’s Success on Discord

After this huge announcement, fans got excited about Big3’s NFT drop and are showing their support through the league’s Discord server. Over 100,000 followers flocked their Discord group in just seven days to learn more about the NFT drop. Talk about success after success for the Big3 league! 

Big3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz shared his excitement and joy. 

“The support and interest from the fans and the public have been tremendous, and momentum is continuing to build. Fans and investors have been blown away by the utilities we are offering, and we can’t wait to officially drop this. We know it will take the league to the next level and create an even further sense of community among our fans and league.”

The success of Big3’s NFT community is solid, and we can expect that they are working to create more new innovations to shake up the world of basketball leagues. 

For now, though, if you are looking to purchase and own a one-of-a-kind Big3 NFT, you can join the community on Discord and follow their website to learn more.