Ph.D. Student Falsely Accused Of Robbery And Thrown In Jail – “Nobody Should Go Through This”

A Ph.D. student from Philadelphia named Julie Hudson was falsely accused of a crime in Harris County, Texas, and subsequently thrown in jail.

The police in Webster, Texas made a mistake due to a resemblance of Hudson’s social media photos to the actual suspect.

Hudson was released from jail overnight and is now working to have the charges expunged from her record. Hudson said she was terrified and anxious and felt crazy while in jail for a crime she did not commit.

She says, “When you know that you didn’t do anything wrong, it makes you feel crazy, You know,? Everybody, is sure that you did something, that your criminal. But you know, that’s not who you are.”

Hudson is currently receiving her doctorate in psychology, and her release from jail overnight has been a relief to her.

Hudson has said, “I want to find out what happened, find out how this happened. And I want it to not happen to anyone else ever. Again. Nobody should ever ever go through that…ever.”

The Webster police department is conducting an internal investigation to find out how this transpired and to ensure that it does not happen to anyone else.

When asked if the officer who made a mistake would be reprimanded, the Assistant Chief of Webster police said it was too early to tell.