How BOOTSnCats Is Using Beatboxing to Enhance Speech and Language Skills For Kids

Hip-Hop is often associated with music and culture, but it can likewise be a potent tool for education. One online course, BOOTSnCATS, uses beatboxing to help kids with speech and language goals.

For the uninitiated, Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that involves creating drum sounds, rhythms, and beats using only the mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

It is a popular element of hip-hop culture and has also been incorporated into other genres of music, such as pop, rock, and electronic.

To beatbox, a person typically produces a series of percussive sounds using their mouth and voice. These sounds can include bass and snare drum sounds, hi-hat cymbals, and even vocal imitations of other instruments, such as the scratch of a record or the honk of a horn.

Beatboxers often combine these sounds to create complex beats and rhythms; some even incorporate vocal melodies and lyrics into their performances.

Beatboxing has gained popularity over the years as a standalone art form, with many beatboxers showcasing their skills in competitions and performances worldwide.

It has also been used in various settings, including music production, beatboxing workshops, and even education programs aimed at helping children with speech and language goals, like the BOOTSnCATS course.

BOOTSnCATS was developed in partnership with a certified speech therapist and has been validated by clinical research.

It includes 10 video lessons covering the most common speech difficulties and practice videos, and “Recital” audio tracks that encourage kids to practice their target sounds at different speeds.

Parents can try BOOTSnCATS for free with a 14-day trial when subscribing annually.

The subscription fee includes access to all course material, with no additional fees or purchases required. Subscriptions are available monthly or annually and can be canceled at any time.

BOOTSnCATS is a product of BEAT, a nonprofit in New York City that uses hip-hop to improve physical and mental well-being.

The course is just one example of how hip-hop can be used to engage and educate kids in a fun and effective way.