Jamie Foxx and Sister Link With New Magazine To Battle Down Syndrome

[J]amie Foxx is a Grammy award-winning musician and Academy Award-winning actor, but whether he’s taking on a serious or funny acting gig, there’s one role he takes more serious than any other – being a big brother.
Many people do not know that Jamie Foxx’s little sister Deondre Dixon has Down Syndrome, a disease that afflicts over 6,000 babies each year, or 1 in 700. And researchers are still trying to figure out why African-American babies born with Down Syndrome have a lower chance of surviving beyond the first year.

Jamie Foxx and DeOndra Dixon
Jamie Foxx and his sister DeOndra, who has Down Syndrome.

Deondre, who was born in 1984, is an award-winning athlete who has earned special Olympic medals in shot put, track and field, bowling and soccer. With the help of her big brother Jamie Foxx, the pair helped to launch Down Syndrome World, a new magazine dedicated to raising the awareness of people with Down Syndrome.

Jamie Foxx and his sister raised money for Down Syndrome.

Jamie Foxx also lent his celebrity to a fund-raising event for the event, which also raised $1.2 million, funds that will go to Down Syndrome awareness.
“You know DeOndra doesn’t think of herself as different, she’s the same as you or me, and that’s what this foundation is all about,” Jamie Foxx said. “Everyone can support Global because at this foundation everyone counts.”
Global Down Syndrome Foundation executive director Michelle Sie Whitten hopes Jamie Foxx’s high-profile association with the magazine’s debut issue will help the organization achieve its goal to raise awareness and funds to battle the disease.
“This is a huge labor of love,” said Whitten. “We believe this magazine can be a real game-changer for new parents, professionals and so many others. By presenting current facts and topical issues, we can present a world of both beauty and challenges. We hope each section of the magazine will resonate with our thoughtful and caring readers.”
The magazine will reach over 5,000 government officials, as well as doctors, nurses, community leaders and organizations supporting families with Down Syndrome.
For information about how to advertise in Down Syndrome World, please visit www.downsyndromeworld.org.