No Refill Needed: Chinese Company Invents Two Year E-Cig Cartridge

[A] Chinese e-cigarette manufacturing company has tackled the issue of users inhaling e-liquid with a new atomizer design while claiming to have developed a cartridge that lasts two years.
KIMREE’s new development is in a product called the KIMSUN JS036 that relies on a pre-filled cartridge system. The JS036 utilizes a “dual atomizer” design that features both an inner and outer atomizer, to minimize the possibility of accidentally inhaling vaping liquid.
The most marketable aspect of the announcement, however, comes with news of the possibility of a cartridge’s flavor lasting twice as long as traditional designs, a chief selling point for both new and current users.
The latest advancement in the industry arrives as mainstream familiarity with e-cigarettes has quickly spread around the United States. Just last year, Oxford Dictionary named “vape” word of the year, thanks to the popularity of the devices, which were invented in China in 2004.

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The news of a cartridge that lasts two years will surely rise the ire of detractors while users will presumably appreciate the invention. There are ongoing legal disputes about whether or not the vaporizers should be allowed within indoor bars and restaurants.
The discussion over the rights to use e-cigarette is even raging in United States jails and prisons. Earlier this week, the Associated Press filed a new report on the influx of e-cigarettes being sold to inmates in American jails, specifically those in Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.
One eastern Ohio prison deputy cites the new policy as the source of more easy-going inmates.
“We’ve seen a big improvement in behavior, with less arguments and fights,” James Frye of Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said. Another jail director pointed out a reduction in smuggling as the primary benefit of the vaporizers being made available.
“Our main goal, though, was to cut down on people sneaking in cigarettes and loose tobacco, and we’ve seen a tremendous reduction there,” Maj. Mitch Stanley said.
Nonetheless, the devices, which are traditionally marketed as a permanent, non-smoking alternative to all forms of tobacco inhalation, have continued making headlines in recent years.

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Widespread concerns over their health benefits have flared up with the rising popularity of e-cigarettes. Late last month, the California Department of Public Health issued a health advisory warning about the possible health risks associated with e-cigarette use.
The report, which includes a strong call to action on the part of Congress to address the concerns, highlights children and teenagers as a vulnerable risk population.
“The availability of e-cigarettes in a variety of candy and fruit flavors such as cotton candy, gummy bear, chocolate mint and grape makes these products highly appealing to young children and teens,” the department’s Health Director, Ron Chapman, says.
Separately, a study conducted by a professor at Portland State University in Oregon suggested an even more damning conclusion about the vapors connected with e-cigarettes.
“We’ve found there is a hidden form of formaldehyde in e-cigarette vapor that has not typically been measured,” James Pankow, the study’s author says. “It’s a chemical that contains formaldehyde in it, and that formaldehyde can be released after inhalation. People shouldn’t assume these e-cigarettes are completely safe.”
Despite the continuing controversies, the e-cigarette industry is booming and attracting both traditional tobacco companies and new-to-the-game upstarts alike. Popular cigar brand Swisher recently announced plans to enter the market with a new line of products.