Is Snapchat The New Pole For Strippers?

[S]ending pictures or videos from phone to phone can be very unsafe especially if you are trying to be sneaky.
The great thing is, Snapchat allows you to share not only appropriate photos and videos, but inappropriate ones too, without a trace.
The app is a photo messaging application developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former Stanford University students.
Using the application, users can take pictures, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients.
Snapchat is not new to porn. The users have been bombarded with spam and strippers who use the app to make money selling naked pictures and videos.

Back in November, Snapchat unveiled its new update, called Snapcash, which allows people to send money using Square, a payments platform.
This new feature took off almost instantly for porn stars and strippers. Many of them found this app as a new way to make some quick cash or to just advertise.
Strippers and porn stars take images or videos of themselves naked for a fee as small as $1. However, prices can reach double digits for personalized sex shows.
According to The New York Times, finding Snapchat strippers is not as easy as just finding one of your friends. A lot of them work undercover because any pornography violates the company’s community guidelines.

Random girl on Snapchat
Here’s an example of a less explicit photo floating around on Snapchat. If you know what stories to follow, it’s a perverts paradise.

But a simple search can turn up a variety of active usernames, like bikinigirls, blackqueens, ratemyjuggs and hundreds more.
Before all of the Snapcash and stripper revenues, Snapchat went through major legal issues. Two sisters, Sarah and Elizabeth Turner, sued Snapchat after a promo picture ruined both of their reputations.
They both agreed to pose for free in a bikini to promote Snapchat, but after the photo was said to be Photoshopped, the pair instantly became the ‘slut’ faces of Snapchat.
Robert Weiss LCSW and Jennifer Schneider, MD, PHD, break the phenomenon down in their new book Always Turned On.
The book discusses sexuality and pornography and how technology and social media are rapidly changing the way people date and how the immediacy of apps can instantly deliver arousing images and videos.
“The internal emotional challenges of sex and porn addiction are the same as ever, but Always Turned On offers fresh research and actual clinical insight into how digital technology both facilitates and escalates sexually addictive behavior,” Robert Weiss stated.
“In the bigger picture, the most profound changes we see today in human sexual behavior directly relate to the manner and speed with which all of us can now access both porn content, as well as how phones and other devices are used to locate casual sexual partners, all of which simply fuels addictive behavior,” Weiss reasoned.
Although Snapchat has experienced some significant hurdles regarding pornography, the issue has not stopped the app’s 200 million monthly users from satisfying their insatiable need for sex.