Rapper Chris Webby Sold Weed…To One Of His Teachers!

[T]eachers around the country are being celebrated for the decisive roles they have played in the lives of the students they teach. Each year, thousands of people take a week in May to acknowledge the educators that shape the lives of young people around the United States.
At one point in time, Chris Webby was a youngster in need of guidance.

Rapper Chris Webby sold weed to one of his teachers!

In 2009, the then, aspiring rapper was booted out of college, for partying, not taking his studies serious and battling around the campus of Hofstra University on Long Island, New York.
By that time, he had determined to embark upon a Hip-Hop career, that would begin with the release of eight mixtapes commencing that year, with The White Noise EP.
“Hofstra played an important role into my Hip-Hop. I was freestyling at parties at high school. When I got to college, the preparation I did in high school assisted me,” Chris Webby told CollegeHipHop.com. “Within the first two weeks of being at Hofstra, I had pretty much bounced around from party to party and battled anybody that said they rapped at Hofstra and claimed my stake on campus.”
Since then, Chris Webby has also carved a niche for himself in Hip-Hop. He has issued three official albums, There Goes The Neighborhood (2011), Homegrown (2013) and Chemically Imbalanced (2014), which will be re-released in a deluxe form this week.
Some of Chris Webby’s best productions are powered by Delaware native Sap (he produced the latest “So Eazy”) and the pair are working on a new EP together.
Chris Webby songs like “Drugs,” “I Love College” and “Crashing Down” examine the ins-and-outs of drug use. His songs are rooted in truth since he started experimenting with drugs when he was in high school as a teen growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut.
“I got a scholarship to go to high school when I was in 7th grade,” Chris Webby told CollegeHipHop.com. “I didn’t like it at first, but in fact I hated it. I grew to appreciate it over time..but it was crazy. I had a couple of drug problems, but I made it through and kept up my grades, as much partying as there was mixed in.”
Thanks to one teacher, Chris Webby struck one of his first deals. To pass one class, he sold his instructor marijuana.

“I didn’t take the school part of it all that seriously, but I managed to keep my grades up. I did the work. I excelled in English; I wrote good papers. I think that spills over into writing Hip-Hop. I actually sold weed to one of my teachers, and that’s how I passed. I wouldn’t have otherwise, that’s for fucking sure.” – Chris Webby

Chris Webby expressed a sincere appreciation for his teachers, and not just because he shared the same interest in cannabis with one.
“They realized I was a good kid at the end of the day. I may not have done so well in certain things, but they always made sure I found my way, and I appreciate that,” Chris Webby told CollegeHipHop.com. “That’s what was good about private school. It’s small enough, where if the teachers give a fuck about you, they can make sure you do what you gotta do.”