Here's How Method Man Works Out Before A Show

[R]apper Method Man has been doing more than cooking up raps in The Meth Lab, which is the name of his upcoming compilation album.
From the looks of the rapper’s physique at a recent performance, Method Man has been taking care of his health
While he’s given up cursing in his raps, Meth definitely has not stopped smoking his weed. But if a recent performance is any indication, his smoking habit has not prevented the rapper from staying in top shape. During a performance at music venue Delaware Live, Method Man warmed up for his performance by working out on the Olympic rings.
In addition to staying chiseled, Method Man is working on a few projects.
In a recent interview, Method Man said that The Meth Lab is not a solo album.
Instead, it’s a collection of songs he recorded with artists from Staten Island and beyond. Method Man’s solo album will be titled Crystal Meth.