TRUST The Numbers: You'll Regret That D**k Pic

Taking that naked selfie of yourself is just not a good idea. But, everyday millions of people around the world are taking them and sending them off to their significant others.
What may seem like a long term relationship could end faster than you know, but those nudes are forever.
The stats back it up too. According to Pew Research, 44% of people aged 18-24 have received a sext message. Only 22% of people surveyed admitted to sending one, although researchers believe that number is much higher.
Being in a relationship has the potential to make things worse. Researchers found that the shorter a relationship is, the more naked pictures are likely to be to sent between the two love birds.
Even if the nudes never leak, the fact that someone has a measure of control over your image is something you will end up regretting.