Kidd Kidd Put Down His Guns & Graduated For His Grandma, Shows Off "War Wounds"

[B]efore his time in the limelight with 50 and crew, Kidd Kidd was like thousands of teenagers in New Orleans. As a high school student, Kidd Kidd was in and out of trouble. Fighting and carrying guns even led to his expulsion two times.
According to stats, over 84% of the men in New Orleans jails over the age of 18 are African-American men. To make matters worse, African-American men have to wait twice as long for a trial as their white counterparts.

A talk with his grandmother encouraged Kidd Kidd to get on the right path, which led to his graduating from high school.
“I had guns and shit. I wanted to be hard. I still came back and graduated after being expelled twice,” Kidd Kidd revealed to “I did that for my grandmother. I am one of the few out of my whole family, generation, that can say they graduated.”
Although he ended up earning his diploma and graduating, he expressed dissatisfaction with the way things turned out on the big day since none of his family made it to the commemoration. However, Kidd Kidd’s mother did give him one gift he seemed to welcome.
“It [graduating] wasn’t nothing,” Kidd Kidd said. “My mom let me smoke weed in the house for the first time.”
Regrettably, Kidd Kidd was still in the streets after he hooked with 50 Cent in 2011. The local beef escalated and resulted in the rapper getting shot six times, as he sat in a parked car in New Orleans. It took him over ten months to recover and get back to full strength.
“For me, it wasn’t nothing but a karma thing,” Kidd Kidd said indifferently about getting shot. “You gotta expect that. When you do dirt, dirt gets done back to you.”
Now, more about Kidd Kidd’s past comes to light, as the rapper’s star ascends, thanks to his membership in Hip-Hop’s supergroup G-Unit, which features 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck.
In addition to dropping albums with G-Unit and traveling around the world to perform, Kidd Kidd has proven to be consistent outside of G-Unit. Although he is featured on the cover of XXL’s critically acclaimed 2015 Freshman cover, he has been working with Lil Wayne since 2001, during a stint with Young Money as a member of Squad Up.
His latest mixtape “Rapper’s Worst Nightmare” hit the internet. Kidd Kidd reveals more about his past and shows his “war wounds.”