Want To Turn Up Your Tailgating Party This Year? Look No Further Than Tailgater Concierge

If you want your fraternity or sorority to have the most pain-free tailgating parties this school year, then look no further than your smartphone or desktop.
There’s a website out called Tailgater Concierge that aspires to take your tailgating party to the next level.
Basically, the service provides the basics for the party, so you can focus on being the next cornhole champion.
Tailgater Concierge caters to all size groups. The business provides tents, tables, chairs and other things required for a great tailgating party. The service will even order the food for the party and breakdown and cleanup after you’ve skated from the parking lot.

Neil Golden
Neil Golden is former CMO for McDonalds and an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University.

Tailgater Concierge was established by Neil Golden, former Chief Marketing Officer for McDonald’s USA. He’s offering the company’s services nationwide and has established alliances with 18 universities around the country.
UCLA, University of Michigan, Stanford University and USC are just a few of the colleges that have partnered with the Golden’s fledgling company.
“As a lifelong fan of college football, I’ve seen firsthand how much work fans put into the tradition of tailgating and realize that many just want to enjoy their time with friends and family – not deal with the responsibility of owning, hauling, setting up, taking down, and storing their own equipment,” Tailgater Concierge founder Neil Golden said.
The firm has partnered with local food vendors and brand ambassadors to create two packages. The Field Goal Package includes four tailgaters and cost $395. It comes with a tent, four chairs, a table and a cooler with ice.
The $555 Touchdown Package covers eight tailgaters and comes with a tent, six chairs, two tables and two coolers with ice. Custom packages are available to accommodate larger groups.
There are a few things to note before using Tailgater Concierge.
You’re going to have to RSVP two days before the game. The company says it uses those days to plan a unique tailgating experience and to work out the logistics for the materials. There’s also an insurance fee tacked on to the cost and the company does not accept cash payments.
Plus, the bill cannot be divided up amongst you and your friends. Tailgater Concierge does not provide any alcohol, however, BYOB is totally cool.
Check out www.tailgaterconcierge.com to see if it can help you plan the greatest tailgating party ever.