Get "Flashy" With Adidas New XENO Sneaks

Adidas dropped some hot sneaks last weekend, and if you rock them, the odds are you are going to light up the club.
The new Adidas Superstar XENO Silver was made to be an optical illusion. It was inspired by a South Asian snake called the Xenopeltis. The snake is known as a “sunbeam species” because of his iridescent scales.

Adidas Xenos

The Adidas superstar XENO has gray uppers mostly; that is until a camera flash hits it. That is when the shoe will show off a dazzling display of colors like the Xenopeltis, spanning the rainbow.


Adidas released the original XENO in February, during All-Star weekend. They put the technology in a black colorway, which has also been restocked.
The XENO silvers will set you back $110 and can be found at select Adidas Originals stores around the country.