A Co-Sign From André Leon Talley Means Everything And Pharrell Has One

Pharrell Williams is uncompromising when it comes to his fashion. The 42-year-old Hip-Hop star/singer/producer is an icon when it comes to fashion too.

That is not just hyperbole.
Kanye West presented Pharrell with the 2015 Icon Award during the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards in June.

ALT, in Pharrell Williams, Moncler, space specs, cool sun visors. Ace Boom Coom!

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Fashion industry legend André Leon Talley is a big fan and is championing Pharrell’s style like he has done for other rappers over the years. Here’s how Talley explained a recent run-in with Pharrell on a red carpet:

“It is amazing how he interprets fashion,” André Leon Talley said of Pharrell Williams. “There he was in a pair of cut-off jeans, a tee-shirt of his own from Uniqlo, a fedora, a cardigan sweater. He is reinterpreting Chanel for men. He had his own version of a Chanel cardigan; he had jewels, pearls, chains, emeralds and rubies and they were all real. He had all the Chanel necklaces remade.”

Getting acceptance from André Leon Talley is a huge deal. Talley has been a contributor at Vogue since 1983. He is also a trustee of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Most recently the Pharrell and André Leon Talley were seen together on-screen in the documentary “Fresh Dressed,” which explores the history of Hip-Hop fashion.
André Leon Talley has been A major supporter of Hip-Hop fashion over the years, giving co-signs to people like Sean”Diddy” Combs, Damon Dash, Rachel Roy and now Pharrell.
A few months ago, Talley even adopted Pharrell’s look. Talley showed up to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Anna Wintour, rocking that infamous Vivienne Westwood hat Pharrell wore to the 2014 Grammy’s.
On the business side, Pharrell has remained active. He is currently the creative director for G-Star Raw. His latest collection should really give André Leon Talley something to write about. Pharrell’s “Raw For the Oceans” line manages to make an eco-friendly statement, since it is made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean.
The “Raw For the Oceans” line hit the runway earlier this week as part of Fashion Week. The line will land in stores in fall of 2015.

Pharrell's G-Star Raw For the Oceans Line

Pharrell’s G-Star Raw For the Oceans