Check Out This Expert's Predictions For Season 2 of "Empire"

Fox and Lee Daniels’ hit TV show “Empire” has spawned cottage industries that are raking in millions for advertisers, the fashion industry and now the book business.

If you just can’t wait the season 2 finale of “Empire,” then Robert Ham’s book is for you. His new read “Empire: The Unauthorized Untold Story” just hit bookstores via Regan Arts. Ham, who has written for Rolling Stone, The Alternative Press, FACT and other magazines, gives detailed examinations of key episodes on “Empire.”
The work also delves into the bios and real life inspiration for characters like Lucious Lyon and his wife Cookie, as well as their children Hakeem, Andre, and Rhonda.

After a successful night, Luscious gathers the family for a meeting.

Robert Ham’s book predicts some scenarios for season 2 of “Empire” including the death one of the show’s central characters.
Let’s list a few of them, and later, we will check back in to see how accurate Robert Ham was with his predictions:

If Andre isn’t the first character to be killed off next season, the second most likely scenario is that Lucious kills Anika
Lucious (Terrence Howard) gets caught in the middle of a dramatic prison riot that features guest star Chris Rock.
While season one left Cookie and Anika in a shaky alliance, it will only take a couple of episodes before Cookie kicks Anika to the curb.
Less romance between Lucious and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).
More sex: producers know they’ll get more drama, and higher ratings, if the two are hopping from bed to bed with nubile young men and women
More “Cookie-isms” specifically designed to blow up the Twittersphere.

Season 2 of “Empire” should crush last year’s ratings when it begins on September 23, thanks to the critical acclaim and celebrity star power lined up for the show’s next run. The new installments will feature cameos from Chris Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Pitbull, and others.