Sex Expert Dr. Ruth Is Going to Analyze Founders' Relationship, Thanks To Forbes Mag

Forbes will present its annual 30 Under 30 Summit this weekend in Philadelphia. The three-day event is packed with networking events, award shows, a food festival and panels highlighting some of the United States is brightest young entrepreneurs.
Over 2,000 entrepreneurs are expected to be on hand in Philly during the conference to hear motivational business advice from speakers like Mike Tyson, the Winklevoss Twins and model Ashley Graham. We took a look at what’s going on and found some cool discussions will take place.
Elizabeth Holmes had founded her blood testing company called Theranos before she dropped out of Stanford. The move paid off, and now she is the world’s youngest female billionaire. Holmes will discuss her business career and plans during a panel discussion, where she will be presented with the Forbes Under 30 Doers Award.

Speaking of college dropouts who hit big, Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box will be interviewed by Forbes’ Media’s Managing Editor Bruce Upbin. Levie will discuss how he launched his business from his parent’s basement, left USC before he graduated, snagged a seed investment from Mark Cuban, and went on to create the company that competes head-to-head with giants like Oracle and Microsoft.
On the entertainment side, YouTube makeup star Michelle Phan will reveal the steps she [Phan] took to land a $100 million investment in her company ipsy.
Business relationships will be thoroughly explored thanks to the “Can this (Business) Marriage be Saved?” panel discussion with the founders and famous sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory will explain how a fight at Penn Station in Philadelphia led them to seek couples therapy to improve their business relationship. And Dr. Ruth will explain why it made total sense.
The 30 Under 30 Summit will take place October 4-6 at various locations in Philly, including Pipeline Philly and the Union League of Philadelphia while the main Summit takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
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