Students Are Going Crazy With Hazing, So There's A Whole Week to Combat It

Joining a fraternity or sorority on your campus is a lifetime commitment, so you better be prepared to prove your worth.

However, pledging your soul to be a lifetime Greek is different from actually giving it up to become one. Nevertheless, hazing continues to be a major issue at colleges around the country. According to, at least one college student dies each year as a victim of hazing on and off campuses.
In New York, five members of Delta Psi from Baruch College are accused of causing the death of Chun “Michael” Deng during a December 2013 hazing ritual in the Poconos.
Earlier this year, a total of six students at Florida A&M were convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for the beating death of band member Robert Champion in 2011. Speaking of Florida, three investigations were recently launched against three separate fraternities at Miami University for some pretty wild initiation practices.
Sigma Nu pledges were told to drink 100 beers each. They kept a tally of their scores by writing the results on a marker on each pledge’s body.

Phi Kappa Psi was accused of serving up liquor to their underage partiers. It turned for the worst when a bro snapped an inappropriate photo of one drunken member, which was later circulated to other students.
Kappa Sigma is on probation for making its pledges participate in seriously exhausting workouts before dawn.
In total, nine fraternities and sororities have been suspended or put on probation at Miami University.
“We’re improving and we’re being proactive,” said student Zach Scheid, who also heads up the Council at Miami which is the governing body for fraternities at Miami University.
“Yes, we lost three chapters. But, I take pride in that. We’re showing that we don’t stand for that kind of behavior,” Scheid said.
To educate students, Sigma Nu partnered with a nationwide initiative called to promote Hazing Prevention Week, which runs from September 21-25. Dozens of fraternities and sororities in 10 states will take a class titled “Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility 101TM” during the week.
The theme of this year’s National hazing prevention week is “These Hand Don’t Haze.”
Don’t be ashamed to take the course, so you know what the rules are. If you break them and decide to cause bodily harm during Hell Week to get someone to go over, you cannot say you didn’t know.
That defense will not hold up in court.