The Enigma That Is Jay Electronica

What the F*ck is a Jay Electronica?

Not only is this the name of a compilation mixtape featuring the works of this extremely talented artist, but it also seems to sum up fans’ disposition towards his career at present. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a devout fan of the God Hop MC, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask the question, “Where art thou, where art thou, Jay Electronica?”
It was the end of 2009 when Jay Electronica burst onto the scene with “Exhibit C.” The complex lyricism, conscious subject matter and the usual top-notch production of Just Blaze all made this track an instant classic. Many crowned Jay Electronica as the Hip-Hop Savior, the Messiah in the flesh.
This gifted man from New Orleans’ Magnolia Projects, who has been deemed as somewhat strange by many, is still a much-needed breath of fresh air. He represents a complete 180-degree turn from the monotonous drudgery that rules the airwaves.
The content of Jay Electronica’s music is something that makes him stand out. He has the skill to flawlessly intertwine social consciousness, spirituality, and gangsterism, all the while doing it as lyrically and as gracefully as possible.
Particularly interesting was his spirituality, as he often incorporated esotericism and mysticism into his rhymes.
Although it was “Exhibit C” that put Jay Electronica on the map and led to his signing with Roc Nation in 2010, his limited discography is riddled with classic gems. Standouts include his Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) EP, and songs “So What You Saying,” “Suckas,” and “My World.” His fearlessness to speak on social injustices and openness with his spiritual enlightenment are both consistent themes throughout his work.
So Jay seems to have all the tools to be a legendary MC right? But what happened? He had major buzz following “Exhibit C” but failed to follow-up with any significant releases. Still, Jay E managed to remain in the news.
His relationship with the wealthy Kate Rothschild led conspiracy theorists to question his motive as the relationship seemingly contradicts his stance for social justice. Jay’s latest song made waves musically too. He’s featured on Big Sean’s “Control,” the God MC was outshined by King Kendricks’s controversial verse on the rare appearance.

Act II Album Cover Art Work

Also, Jay Electronica pump faked the release of his heavily anticipated album Act II: Patents of Nobility multiple times too much dismay. These factors in combination with his Twitter outbursts ranging from criticism of President Obama to the current state of Hip-Hop culture as a whole has only teased the of the hungry masses, desperate to be fed this type of fire and substance in rhyme form.
But what else would you expect from an enigma? Will you understand the things that they do? Nah, not at all. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing as people are curious by nature, which could lead to Jay E developing an even stronger fan base.
Surely, we soon hear more from the secretive Jay Electronica. He recently dropped “Road to Perdition” featuring Jay-Z. Jay E’s Act II: Patents of Nobility will reportedly be released in 2017.
An artist such as Jay Electronica is certainly needed in the culture, and the lane’s open for him to become legendary. Hopefully atrophy doesn’t lead to his demise.

Besides who doesn’t enjoy a good mystery every now and again right?
Act II: Patent Of Nobility:
01 Real Magic [ft. Ronald Regan]
02 New Illuminati [ft. Kanye West]
03 Patents of Nobility
04 Life on Mars (@FatBellyBella)
05 Bonnie & Clyde guest starring Serge Gainsbourg
06 Dinner at Tiffanys (The Shiny Suit Theory) [ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jay-Z & The-Dream]
07 Memories & Merlot
08 Better in Tune with the Infinite [ft. Latonya Givens]
09 A Letter to Falon
10 Road to Perdition [ft. Jay-Z]
11 Welcome to Knightsbridge [ft. Sean Diddy Combs]
12 Rough Love [ft. Kanye West]
13 Run & Hide guest starring The Bullitts
14 Nights of the Roundtable (first draft skeleton)
15 10,000 Lotus Petals