"Netflix and Chill…" Is It Here To Stay Or Just A Corny Pick Up Line?

At this point, it is pretty much known that the saying “Netflix and chill” is just another way to say you want to hook up. For an older generation, this practice was known as taking your date out for “dinner and a movie.”

Even Netflix is playing into the saying. The company just released a button called “The Switch,” which can dim your lights, turn off your phone and set the mood for your big night.
The rise of “Netflix and chill” can be traced to “black Twitter,” where it saw a sharp rise in usage from 2009 until 2015 when it officially reached catchphrase status.
So, if everyone knows what it means why even use it? Why not just get right to action? It is a case eloquently made by journalism Senior Robyn Smith of the Independent Florida Alligator.


“Can’t we just stop kidding ourselves? I understand that ‘rough sex and chill’ is not really as palatable, but can’t we just be honest about our intentions?” Smith asked.
While the euphemism sounds rather sexy, when it comes down to it sitting around and watching TV with someone could become straight up awkward.
“I prefer to do my Netflix and chilling by myself, where no one can judge me for my bad taste in movies — to be fair, I’m not going to want to have sex with someone who does not appreciate the high quality of ‘Legally Blonde,’ anyway,” Smith wrote.
While the line may be cute and en vogue right now, the word could already be heading to the dustbin of oblivion and you can thank your horny fraternity bros, who tend to take advantage of the ladies in these situations.
“I don’t want to be invited over to watch Netflix with a friend and worry the whole night whether he’s going to make a move,” the University of Florida student said. “It’s really not a cool — excuse me, chill— thing to do.”
At the end of the day, you’ll probably be better served by reading Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction” as opposed to using cliché, corny pickup lines. Nothing can replace intelligence, humor, confidence and not being a total douchebag.