Love Your Vinyl Now? Wait Til You Hear It On The Turntable Technics Is Designing

It’s pretty cool to be able to walk into a major retail store like Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic to pick up some vinyl to go along with your threads.
Actual vinyl. You know, those things that play music that are also called records, 45’s, LP’s, take your pick. The format began to nose dive starting in 1988, because of a revolutionary new way to listen to music – the CD. The CD offered superior sound quality to vinyl, not to mention the portability and the fact that more music could be stored on the format.

New Technic Turntable

Prototype of Technics new turntable for 2016

However, vinyl has made an incredible comeback. Sales went up to a 20-year-high in 2014, National Record Day (April 18) is a well-known event each year, and many artists are turning to vinyl as an alternative to working through a digital-only label.
Last year, fans snapped up 87,000 copies of Jack White’s Lazaretto album, which helped the vinyl format grow by a whopping 52% in 2014. Over 9 million copies were sold during the calendar year, with the format being the most popular with listeners under the age of 35.
New technology being released by Technics hopes to serve the re-emerging market in 2016. That is when the company releases a brand new turntable that will bring a new dimension of sound to both the home and professional DJ.
Panasonic, the company that owns the Technics brand, will completely transform the vinyl listening experience by redesigning its pioneering turntable.
The new analog Technics prototype features an improved direct drive motor and new motor control technology.
The advancements will reproduce subtle nuances and the warmness that the grooves cut into analog records reproduces.
Panasonic created the world’s first direct drive analog turntable (the SP-10) in 1970 under the Technics brand name. It was followed by the groundbreaking SL-1200 series which has gone through 10 different iterations since its release in 1972.
Technics’ unnamed prototype analog turntable is being tested and refined by Technics. Specs aside, they are killing it with just the look of the new turntable.