Awkward With The Ladies? Don't Sweat it…Former Pimp Rosebudd Offering Male Confidence Courses

Former pimps like Pimpin Ken, Bishop Don Juan, and Rosebudd Bitterdose have turned their lives around to become authors to use their life experiences in the prostitution game, to teach lessons.
Pimpin Ken has released “The Art of Human Chess: A Study Guide to Winning” and “Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game.” Bishop dropped “From Pimp Stick to Pulpit–“It’s Magic: The Life Story of Don “Magic” Juan,” while Rosebudd released books “Rosebudd the American Pimp” and his most recent work, “Single Mothers He’s Your Son.”
Like the other authors, Rosebudd’s book centers around teaching confidence to young males without father figures. His book comes complete with 27 rules for dealing with life issues. He’s also offering a course on Male Confidence via his website,

Rosebudd Cigar
Rosebudd Bitterdose

“When I wrote this book, I really wanted to dispell all of the falsehoods about pimp. I now realize, that will never happen. Most Americans want to believe what the hear and see on the documentaries. To those of you that would like to read the truth, check my book out for it’s information value,” said Rosebudd, born John Dickson.
Over on his blog, the expert in “The World’s Oldest Profession” dolled out more “game” for those males who grew up without father figures and then end up lacking confidence when it comes to women.
‘You sons have grown up under exposed to manhood, and the only time you saw a man in your youth was when he was trying to hit your mother’s pussy,” Rosebudd said, rather directly. “And we all know he was not interested in schooling you on tapping women’s ass, especially since he was trying to tap your momma’s ass. ”
If you like Rosebudd’s guidance, you can buy advice from the former pimp, who was featured in the classic documentary “American Pimp.” You can learn from Rosebudd via his website in a three-part “Male Confidence” class that costs $99 per-course.
Part 1 focuses on the individual, Part 2 suggests to talk to 100 women per week to gain confidence, while Part 3 puts all of the information together “into a package that fits your needs and turn it into an aura.”
“We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money…it will be about how much she can get for you to enjoy your life,” Rosebudd promised.