Brown University Student's "Twitter Fingers" Ruin Any Hopes For Malia Obama Thanks to Beer Pong Pic

Malia Obama will probably rethink her partying strategy in college once she gets there.

President Obama’s eldest daughter is a senior at Sidwell Friends School and is on a nationwide tour to select what University she will attend. She has been considering options like Yale, Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Brown University in Rhode Island.
Malia Obama at Brown U PartyThe 17-year-old’s college experience will be remarkably different from the average student, who typically doesn’t have to deal with political media scrutiny, worldwide fame or living up to a set of high standards that most people probably could not maintain.
A little bit of all of this is evident in Malia’s disastrous visit to Brown University a few weeks ago. Malia was on campus, with a fleet of Secret Service agents (who are just as known for their raucous ways as they are for protecting the president).
Malia somehow gave the Secret Service the slip, or they co-signed when she decided to attend a party with a friend during her stay at Brown. Excited students took photos and Snapchats of Malia at the party, where she photographed near a beer pong table.
The details vary: some claim Malia was taking shots at the party, and other say she was just standing by the table. If she were drinking, it would be against the law since she is under 21.
The Daily Caller published an exclusive Snapchat photo and an editorial about Malia that went viral.
“So, big deal, Barack. You might have smoked weed a few times in high school, but your dad jeans have nothing on Malia,” wrote Entertainment Editor Kaitlan Collins. “If Brown doesn’t get down on its knees and beg her to be in the freshman class next fall, they’re idiots. Sober idiots.”
Of course, the images went viral right away and some student’s at Brown University called out their peers for “narcing” the President’s daughter.
A follow-up piece in The Daily Caller apologized to Malia for putting her on blast.
“It is a shame that Malia was unable to visit Brown and enjoy herself at a party without several news headlines coming out about it the next day,” the paper said in an Op-Ed piece. “While it is understandable that so many students were excited about her visit, it is likely that few of us would enjoy having strangers take pictures of us while we were unaware and post them on the Internet.”
Being accused of snitching on the President’s daughter could be problematic for Brown’s reputation moving forward and have probably torpedoed any chance the school had of landing such a popular student.
“While the chances of her selecting Brown have probably decreased since the publication of those articles, if she does ever come back to Brown, hopefully next time we will ‘have more chill,'” Brown University students said in an Op-Ed.
College is going to be crazy for Malia, who’s already and prematurely been labeled a party girl in mainstream media. Moreover, both of her parents have to be fuming mad at both of their daughter and the University.
One thing is evident through the entire ordeal. Most of us will never get an apology for possibly breaking the law and being caught on tape doing it!