A Chat With Sydney Rapper Mr Nat About "Love & Other Sandwiches"

By: Angela “Miss M” Morrissey
From the CollegeHipHop.com Australasian – Oceania Desk

Sean Ghalayini (A.K.A. Mr Nat) is a Hip Hop producer and MC from the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. He grew up in Melbourne before moving to Sydney.

He is passionate about Hip Hop. Madvillany is currently his favorite album. Hearing Nelly’s Country Grammar compelled him to write his first rhyme at age fifteen. Sean is now working on another album that he is really excited about.
Mr Nat is really proud of his current album Love & Other Sandwiches. He believes that it is a very unique album that has been produced to a very high standard.
CollegeHipHop.com: In the first track, “The Pursuit,” there is a lot of religious imagery in the lyrics including the Holy Grail, Beelzebub, Abrahamic and Nazareth. Were you brought up in a religious home?

Mr Nat

Mr Nat: I went to Christian schools and did all the sacraments. I took it very seriously. It’s hard not to sin and to keep track of all the sins you should atone for. I was hard on myself. It stressed my young mind out. I heard a song by a band called Clawfinger. Later, I experimented with not believing and found it to be less stressful at the time. That`s what verse two is about.
CollegeHipHop.com: There’s Biblical visual imagery again in track in “Naïve.” You are also singing to a girl. Is this a song drawn on personal experiences?
Mr Nat: Yes it’s definitely from personal experiences. Someone I know well may be with a religious girl who may have been a virgin when they got together. The Adam and Eve angle made it more humorous for me.
CollegeHipHop.com: You literally spit out the lyrics in “Ham Sandwich” and “Vita et Mortem (Life & Death).” What were you feeling when writing and recording these two tracks?
Mr Nat: I try to write often and my lyrics sometimes suffer from being too literal. Topic goes in (and the) song comes out sort of thing. When I wrote “Ham Sandwich” I was like, “That’s it! I’m going to write the first thing that pops into my head.” I was laughing the whole time writing it. It was fun. But I hope it doesn’t become my catch phrase.
Becoming an adult I have had trouble learning to let go of things that aren’t really beneficial to think about. Obsession runs in the family and I made this song before I learned how to let things go so the track (Vita et Mortem (Life & Death),” is an act of desperation where I’m trying to make light of a morbid topic in an attempt to gain some relief. It also has the few features on the album from Scarecrow MC and Pyne (4th World). They both nail it on the reg.
CollegeHipHop.com: After hearing Nelly’s Country Grammar you were compelled to write your first rhyme at age fifteen. What was it about this album that so inspired you?

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Mr Nat: It was so damn cool shawty. I hadn’t hear much Hip-Hop besides Tupac and NWA and they scared me at the time. Nelly was accessible, non threatening and (as) funky as hell. Later, I heard DMX, Redman and Method Man and DJ Premier through Limp Bizkit. From then it was on.
CollegeHipHop.com: Who are you listening to at the moment?
Mr Nat: Billy Bunks – Eat the Grains Take The Piss.
CollegeHipHop.com: What is it about Hip-Hop and rapping that you love so much?
Mr Nat: It’s an exciting mish-mash (of) culture. (It) gives me and millions around the world a voice (to) release bad energy. It has taught me so much and gives me another reason to keep going.
CollegeHipHop.com: What else is in store for you for the rest of 2015?
Mr Nat: Recording the next album. Just started a new job, in the process of moving to Sydney from the coast. Get settled (and) promote the album.
CollegeHipHop.com: Where can people find out more about you?
Mr Nat: Best bet is listen to my album. I leave it all there. Add me on Facebook: Mr. Nat. More socials and general web presence soon.