Here's Why Listening To Young Thug Is like Opening A Fortune Cookie

Young Thug’s new release Slime Season just hit the net and it may be hard for many people to understand just what the hell Thugger is rapping, singing or talking about.
Thanks to and other sites, fans can decipher Young Thug’s lyrics word-for-word, even though they still might not make too much sense.

In addition to London on the Track and Metro Boomin’s production and Thugger’s harmonic deliveries, there’ is much more going on when you listen to a Young Thug’s Slime Season.
The Michigan Daily’s Hip-Hop columnist Adam DePollo presented a compelling argument that the public’s infatuation with Young Thug is merely psychological.
DePollo cited Marxist intellectual Slavoj Zizek, who is also the senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana.
In the British documentary “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology,” Zizek explains the psychology behind things like fortune cookies and the success behind candies like Kinder’s Surprise Egg.
“The toy/fortune — a hidden, secret meaning or richness — is the reason why the entire apparatus exists,” said Depollo. “You tear away the cookie or the milk chocolate shell to get at your toy/fortune, the true object of your desire.”
According to Depollo, if you are looking for any meaningful substance from Thugger’s current body of work, you are probably missing the point.
“The true meaning of life, as Zizek and Young Thug show us, is to learn to love neither the salad nor the dressing, but to love the act of pouring on the sauce,” said Depollo. “Which might also explain why that dude is always rapping about ejaculating.