The Game Discusses Gangbangin' and Why You Should Cop "The Documentary 2"

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Compton bred rapper Game hopes his new  albums The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5 will shed light on the gang violence that’s plaguing Los Angeles County.

Members of Los Angeles community are stressed out over the #100Days100Nights gang war that is apparently raging in the city. Gunplay between two major gangs escalated after a popular member of the Rolling 100’s was shot and killed.
Shortly after the tag went viral, 11 people were shot. And in August, Los Angeles witnessed its most bloody year for homicides with 39 people shot to death.
Game says his new releases are not glorifying the gangster lifestyle, but instead give the listener insight into whta it’s like being a young black man growing up in Compton.
It’s a bit of a different position from the one the rapper held last month in regards to a deceased rival who threatened his wife and children during an interview. When asked about the feud between himself and the death of Jomo “Rosemo700” Zambia, Game was rather cavalier about Zambia’s death and loosely insinuated some involvement and then backed away from the statement.
Nevertheless, Game believes his album offers insight into the world of gangs and gang violence.
Tracks like “On Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar, “Standing on Ferraris” featuring Diddy and “Dollar And A Dream” featuring Ab Soul make a statement about overcoming, while “My Flag” from The Documentary 2.5 offers up a first person look into a day of gangbangin’ with Game and his homies.

Game on why he’s releasing a double album (2.5 is due in stores on October 16):

In a world where labels punk artists to keep their albums down to 10-12 songs… I don’t give a fuck because 2 of my favorite artists 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. put out dope double albums. I figured 10 years into an iconic career I’d give my fans the opportunity to have one from me.

On the contents of The Documentary 2 and 2.5

I’m not glorifying gangbanging by any means, but I’m telling the story about the views of gangbanging in my experience. The reason one is a red bandana and one is a blue bandana is to bring awareness to the “100 Days 100 Nights” and ongoing Crip & Blood epidemic that has plagued my city recently and in the past.
I really explain to the world how things like this occur and have occurred since 1970 when gangbangin’ was created in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities and hoods. The albums are very lyrical and descriptive as well as dope production wise and Dr. Dre approved.
This is AFTERMATH! I cannot wait til you guys get these albums. I put everything I had into making these albums CLASSIC and I appreciate you guys for the love and support and definitely your patience with me completing this album The Documentary 2.