TwitchCon Has Arrived And Could Pose A Real Threat To Other Gaming Conventions

// seems to be angling for dominance of the gaming convention market with the launch of the inaugural TwitchCon.
Over 20,000 people showed up for the first annual TwitchCon, which took place at San Francisco’s Moscone Center and featured a party with a performance by Darude, which was DJ’d by Deadmau5 reported The Daily Californian.
The purpose of TwitchCon is to connect Twitch’s community with the service’s popular content creators.
But the event also featured panels, discussions and the ability to play full demos of various upcoming games.
“The heart and soul of TwitchCon is the same thing as the heart and soul Twitch, the online service,” said Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, during his keynote address. “It’s the broadcasters and viewers coming together to make a community.”
Sheer knows what works for his company. was launched in 2011 and grew until it was acquired by Amazon in August of 2014, for $970 million.
Although it’s not the 50,000 people that this year’s E3 convention attracted, the attendance numbers show definitive proof that TwitchCon is heading in the right direction.